In addition to our well known hosting services including dedicated servers and colocation, we have several other solutions we are able to offer our customers.

Complex Hosting

When simple solutions don't fulfill the job anymore it is time to speak with us. We like complex stuff, it gives our server gurus something to do. Geographic load balanced clusters spread across the globe, we do it all. To read more about our complex hosting solutions, click here.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Accelerate your websites by bringing your content closer to your visitors resulting in a better overall experience.
To read more about content delivery networks, click here.

Load Balancing

When a single server can not handle your traffic or you need maximum reliability we can deploy load balancers to distribute the load across multiple servers. AdultEUhost has solutions that fit every budget and range from simple to geographic load balancing solutions. To read more about load balancing, click here.


Storage; everyone needs it, yet we all have different needs. So we came up with different solutions. Curious to see what we can do for you? To check our storage solutions, click here.


AdultEUhost can offer diverse streaming solutions for simple content streaming in a members area to webcasting live events to a large audience. To read more about streaming, click here.


Backups are just as vital as reliable servers to safeguard your data and business.
To read more about our backup services, click here.