Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) have been around for several years now. It enables websites to distribute their content over a global platform bringing it closer to the visitors. This results is a much faster performance and overall experience for that website.

In traditional situations a website and all it's content is located on a server in one datacenter somewhere in the world. Regardless if a vistor to that website is only 50 miles away or overseas, content is always served out of that one datacenter.

Utilizing a CDN, content is synchronized to the platform from where it is automatically distributed across several strategic locations around the world. When that same visitor now accesses the website he is redirected to the nearest datacenter which will serve the content. The content does not have to be downloaded overseas, it is already there! This results is a much better experience for visitors as it eliminates slow download speeds or buffering videos.

the AdultEUhost CDN

AdultEUhost has developed and built a next-generation global delivery network. It is a robust infrastructure featuring high levels of availability by automatic failover redunancy and load balancing technologies. Our global platform offloads the burden of supporting peak traffic and large media files from your servers so you can deliver an optimal online experience to every visitor - regardless of where they are. Whether the files are multi-gigabyte files, videos, or images, our CDN is always ready to deliver.

  • Seamless integration
  • Quick setup
  • Advanced reports & statistics
  • Flash streaming supported

Go Global

Our CDN solutions are available to all customers, there is no need to purchase additional equipment or sign long during contracts. You can actually be up and running within hours as it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing websites.

Contact one of our specialists today and let us design a solution that is right for you.